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While testing various SSO.m.c things, I found that doesn't resolve at all. SSO isn't locked to o=com (MoCo) users, so please consider setting up a redirect from sso.m.o to sso.m.c to simplify "is it org or com" to "yes".
:jeff, any reason to not do this?
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I can't think of any reason not to do it.
Flags: needinfo?(jbryner)
:andrew, is this something you can set up? Probably just a redirect from to
Assignee: infra → akrug
Two redirects, and an HSTS header on the latter, so that you aren't penalized for insecure redirects by the Observatory: ->

and -> (with HSTS)
Please also ensure that the new domain is added to the Observatory tracking list.

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8 months ago
:jabba, I'd suggest the creation of a universal redirect service that follows all the web observatory guidelines.  This would be a good quarter goal for someone looking to dive into serverless stuff.  

We manage a lot of redirects in different ways.  It would be great to centralize them all. ( for the infosec accounts at the very least )
No activity in a year, and no timeline assigned. I don’t feel strongly about this request, so closing to remove it from my watchlists. Please feel free to reopen if/when ready to work on it again.
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