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Change url_bar_entry_pressed outline color to action orange


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Not set



Firefox 40
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(4 files, 2 obsolete files)

Per the new color palette, assuming the name does not change.

i.e. this icon [1]. Unknown if this also affects tablet.

NI :antlam for new assets.

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Attached file (obsolete) —
Updated orange to #FF9500
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Attached file urlbar_active.tar.gz
Compressed assets.
Attachment #8568223 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Your task: replace the assets in mobile/android/base/resources/drawable-*dpi/url_bar_entry_pressed.9.png with the resources in the attached tar ball. Then, make sure the url bar, when pressed, looks the same before and after the patch is applied with the exception that the color of the url bar will change to a slightly different orange hue.

To start, set up a build environment - you can see the instructions here:

Then, you'll need to create a patch to upload - see

If you need any help, you can reply to this bug, or feel free to message me on IRC - my nick is "mcomella" and you can find me in #mobile. If you need IRC setup instructions, see

Thanks and happy coding! ^_^
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Mentor: michael.l.comella, mhaigh
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I have replaced the following configurations:

- hdpi
- mdpi
- xhdpi
- xxhdpi

However, I think there are other configurations for the same file for which no assets have been provided:

- large-hdpi-v11
- large-mdpi-v11
- large-xhdpi-v11
- large-xhdpi-v11

The existing assets for these configurations seem different. Therefore, I think we need new assets for them too.
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Attached image Before Screenshot
Screenshot of the Address Bar border on a Nexus 5 before this bug fix.
Attached image After Screenshot
Screenshot of the Address Bar border on a Nexus 5 after this bug fix.
Hey, Anirudh!

Sorry for the delay - I'll do my best to make sure it doesn't happen again. Nice digging on the tablet files. However, it looks like the tablet assets have already been updated (perhaps back when we did the new tablet refresh in bug 1014156?) so no worries there - I'll review your patch.

If you're curious how I checked, I opened up the resource locally and used the gcolor2 application to check the color of the border in the tablet asset.
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Assignee: nobody → anirudh24seven
I made a push to our try test servers (see above).

Once it goes green, feel free to add the checkin-needed keyword [1]. Let me know if you need help reading the results. Note that all patches that use "checkin-needed" must also have an associated green try run.

Comment on attachment 8597020 [details] [diff] [review]
Change url_bar_entry_pressed outline color to action orange

Review of attachment 8597020 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks good to me!
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