WebIDE can't debug Chrome when settings are open

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Opening WebIDE and connecting to Chrome with the Settings page open in a tab I get this error and the tab list fails to appear:

JPM error JavaScript error: chrome://webide/content/webide.js, line 1219: TypeError: chrome://settings/ is not a valid URL.

That line contains:

1219:      let url = new URL(tab.url);

The debugger is much less strict in handling tab URLs:


Can't we do something similar here? Note that Chrome devtools properly open and debug such pages, just like we can debug about: pages.

At the very least, we should try/catch around that line and continue with the rest of the open tabs.
Hmm, it seems the platform explicitly blocks new URL() from parsing chrome:// URLs. :/ Any random scheme name works, so chrome must be banned for some reason.

Anyway, we should make this work one way or another.

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3 years ago
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Don't let WebIDE break when trying to debug Chrome settings

It turns out that chrome: URLs are parsed properly, but only those that are actually valid for Firefox (which chrome://settings is not). Therefore I just ignore these URLs, since I can't think of a way to debug them properly.

I couldn't write a test for the same reason: using something like chrome://webide/content would work even without the patch and using chrome://settings would throw when trying to create the tab in Firefox.
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3 years ago
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Don't let WebIDE break when trying to debug Chrome settings

Review of attachment 8572635 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks good to me, especially if these pages can't be debugged.
Otherwise it would be better to fix that code to be able to display a meaningful label instead of skipping them.
Also, may be valence should only expose the tabs it is able to debug?
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3 years ago
Both good points. It turns out that these pages can indeed be debugged, it's just the tab list that can't handle them. I have a fix in Valence for this and I'll land this patch as a safeguard that WebIDE never breaks in the presence of an invalid URL.

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3 years ago
Here is the change I mention above:


Can you review that too, please?
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