Enable Waffle flag for MWC preview page February 23



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3 years ago
The preview page should go live 9:00am GMT March 1 (1:00am PDT March 1)

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3 years ago
(In reply to Mike Alexis [:malexis] from comment #0)
> The preview page should go live 9:00am GMT March 1 (1:00am PDT March 1)

Correction: page should go live this Monday 9:00am GMT February 23.
Summary: Enable Waffle flag for MWC preview page March 1 → Enable Waffle flag for MWC preview page February 23

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3 years ago
I'll be happy to schedule the switch flip, I just need to know the exact name of the switch. :sgarrity, would you mind commenting here with that info?
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Let's used 'mwc-2015-preview' as the waffle switch.

This page (/mwc) is currently redirected to another page via global.conf https://github.com/mozilla/bedrock/blob/master/etc/httpd/global.conf#L395

Assuming we can't/shouldn't use waffle switches in global.conf, does the following make sense?

1. remove the existing global.conf redirect
2. use firefox/urls.py to point /mwc at the previous redirect target for now
3. when the waffle switch is flipped, firefox/urls.py updates /mwc to point to the new template

Josh, does that make sense? If so, how would I implement that in urls.py? I see other cases with the decorators=waffle_switch() technique, but in this case, I need to swap the template in the page() function, not just turn it on. Thanks.
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After reading through the thread on Bug 1129760, it sounds like there is really no traffic to /mwc right now anyhow. So, we can remove the existing redirect and just use a normal waffle_switch decorator. I'll set that up.
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3 years ago
I ran the following commands on the bedrock admin node:

export SWITCH=mwc-2015-preview
export DIR=/data/bedrock-stage/www/www.allizom.org-django/bedrock
cd $DIR && ./manage.py switch $SWITCH on --create
export DIR=/data/bedrock/www/www.mozilla.org-django/bedrock
echo "cd $DIR && ./manage.py switch $SWITCH on --create" | at 01:00 2015-02-23

The mwc preview should be live immediately when we merge and push to stage, and should go live on prod at 1 AM PST (server time), or 9 AM UTC. Obviously this will depend on us merging and pushing the code that this switch activates before then :).

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3 years ago
Thanks all!
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