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Implement a per-document "list of available images" as defined in the HTML spec


(Core :: Layout: Images, Video, and HTML Frames, defect)

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Implementing this, rather than associating each image with a document in the image cache as we do now, will have the following benefits:

1. It will help us move most or all of the image cache's responsibilities to the Necko cache.
2. It will ensure that <img src='foo'> is ready synchronously if 'foo' is already on the page, which is specified behavior, and which will be impossible to ensure at the image cache level if we do #1.
3. It will make sure we avoid churning the cache when multiple documents try to use the same image, which is a problem caused by our current approach of associating each image cache entry with a document. (See bug 919113.)
4. It should make per-document image memory reporting much easier.

There is more discussion of this issue in bug 1063369.
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