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Steps to reproduce:

1. I opened the certificate manager.
2. I switched to the CA tab.
3. I selected all CAs in order to distrust all of them at once.
4. I clicked on the “Edit trust” button.

Actual results:

A dialog for the first selected CA popped up.
When I clicked OK, a dialog for the second selected CA popped up.
When I clicked OK, a dialog for the third selected CA popped up.
When I clicked OK, a dialog for the fourth selected CA popped up.
And so on, for all CAs in the list.
Then I had enough. I held down the Escape key and waited.
There were still new dialogs popping up.
After 20 seconds and about 200 new dialogs, it finally came to an end.

Expected results:

Managing the trust settings should be integrated into the mail dialog.
There should be three additional columns, each having a checkbox with a tooltip.

Alternatively, a single dialog should open, allowing me to change the trust settings for all selected entries at once. The dialog would work the same as the Windows dialog for changing file attributes. (See the attached screenshot, notice the three-state checkbox.)

Comment 1

3 years ago
Hello Roland, Thanks  for reporting this issue. I can see the erroneous behavior in firefox 35 but this behavior has changed in the latest released version of firefox. In firefox 43.0.2 you will be able to delete/distrust multiple certificates in one click. 

Name 	        Firefox
Version 	43.0.2
Build ID 	20151221130713
User Agent 	Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:43.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/43.0

Only single dialog with multiple selected items is displayed now. If you have not already done, may I request you to upgrade your firefox to the latest released version. I will wait for your confirmation on the behavior before closing this defect.
Component: Untriaged → Preferences
Flags: needinfo?(roland.illig)

Comment 2

3 years ago
I seen this situation in Fx44b2 Win10.

This bug proposed a different solution, i.e. merge windows instead of side by side. I appreciate it more, so I added to See also instead of an dupe.
Severity: normal → enhancement
Component: Preferences → Security: UI
Ever confirmed: true
Flags: needinfo?(roland.illig)
Keywords: polish
OS: Windows 7 → All
Product: Firefox → Core
Hardware: x86_64 → All
See Also: → bug 82903
Component: Security: UI → Security: PSM
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [psm-backlog]
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