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Add automated test to get full automation coverage for the Moztrap scenario:  (need coverage for steps 3, 6-11)

1. Launch Firefox.
2. Open a PDF file (e.g.
 * The PDF file is opened in page.
3. Press "down" and "up", "right" and "left", "Page Down" and "Page Up", "End" and "Home" keys from keyboard.
 * By pressing the keys, the current view moves to next or previous pages.
4. Click on "Next page" and "Previous page" buttons on the upper side of the document.
 * By clicking on the arrows, the current view moves to next or previous pages.
5. Enter a random number to go to that page and hit enter.
 * Request page is shown in current view.
6. Click on "-" and "+" keys, "Ctrl/Cmd + scroll" to zoom in and zoom out through the document.
 * The file is zooming in or out.
7. Choose a predefined zoom valuea from the drop down list, choose "Page Fit", "Page width" "Actual size" and "Automatic zoom";
 * The file is zooming to the requested value of fits page on width or height or auto.
8. Click on "Presentation Mode" button to enter in full screen mode, allow to enter in full screen, scroll through pages and use context menu.
 * The file is entering in full screen mode, context menu functions works as expected.
9. Press on the printer icon or press "Ctrl /Cmd+P" and try to print the document or some pages of the document.
 * The whole document or the selected pages start printing.
10. Press on the download icon and save the file to local drive.
 * The file is saved to local drive.
11. Press on the download icon and choose to open the file in other PDF viewer application.
 * The file is opened in the selected application.

1. Steps 1,2,4,5 have been covered in
2. This test is part of the ESR Smoketests suite, so automation coverage is highly desirable.


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Summary: Ad automated test for PDF navigation → Add automated test for PDF navigation


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