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RFE: Enable the DOM viewer on all platforms.


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(Reporter: nisheeth_mozilla, Assigned: alecf)




(Keywords: verifyme)

Developers would love to browse the DOM tree using Alec's viewer.  Lets try to
make them happy.
Target Milestone: M11
I can't get to this until at least M11... I'd love it if a windows guy would
help :)
the DOM viewer had suffered some bitrot, I just fixed that

I still have the problem of accessing DOM elements without IDs. I've started a
rudamentary RDF factory and interface that should do what we need, but it isn't
compiling yet.
So once that is solved, it would work with any XML?
yes, I think so
I landed some changes last week, but the thing is still on the floor. I'll get
to it after m10.
Component: Browser-General → DOM Level 1
QA Contact: leger → gerardok
Updating component
ok, everything has been re-written and finally uses RDF resource factories to
create DOM nodes and store them.
I wanted to store weak references but nsDOMNode doesn't support it.
This means that the DOM nodes are retained as long as the lifetime as each
RDFResource constructed to be displayed in the tree.

In order not to leak, we have two options:
- RDFResources have to be destroyed as they are not used (i.e. if the tree is
- support weak references in the implementation of nsDOMNode
Assignee: alecf → sspitzer
seth did the legwork here, nice job seth!
Closed: 21 years ago
Component: DOM Level 1 → Browser-General
OS: Windows NT → SunOS
Hardware: All → Sun
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: M11 → M5

thanks to smfr for the heaving lifting on the mac.
OK; I downloaded the sources from 18.9.1999, compiled it on a Sun Solaris 7...
Mozilla works great...
... but where is the DOM viewer ??? Can't find it... ;-(
start up the browser, it's under the Debug menu.
"Debug | DOM Viewer"
Thanks. Seems that I was blind =:-)
(BTW: The menu item is hidden in a lot of oth menu items. better place would be
View/DOM Viewer or Debug/DOM Viewer)

BUG !?:
Attribute names/values are layouted wrong. For example IMG's WIDTH="80%" results
in a WI80 displayed :-(

Please drop Terry a mail to create a "DOM Viewer" component in BugZilla !!

After all:
Thank you very much ! Great work !!
it is under Debug | DOM Viewer.

I'll log a bug so that DOM Viewer will be a bugzilla component.

all thanks go to alecf, he implemented the DOM viewer.
Bug found: DOMDataSourceViewer.xul uses "DataSourceViewer.css", but IMHO
"DOMDataSourceViewer.css" would be correct...
"viewer" misses the menu-item, too.
Seems that using ./mozilla-viewer && DOM-Tree-Viewer works much better and
> all thanks go to alecf, he implemented the DOM viewer

Thanks, too.
Any idea what we can do for alecf ? :-)
On someone wrote some comments:
-- snip --
Not as good as IE 5
submitted by Anon
Tuesday September 21st, 1999 04:37:31 PM
I find IE5.0's full-screen syntax-colored XML source view with collapsable tags
much more pleasing to the eye.

When using the Mozilla DOM viewer, I can't see attributes unless I expand nodes,
newlines show up as garbage characters, etc.

With Microsoft's viewer, you get the benefit of seeing the XML nicely indented
in it's source view, but also syntax colored to be veryreadable, plus it is
collapsable like a tree.

Can the syntax coloring/indented source view style be implementedin Mozilla?
-- snip --

Can we implement/fix this quick(&&dirty) ?
I'll change this RFE from RESOLVED FIXED to Reopened...


In an author noted that
this work can be re-used in an "advanced edit dialog" (editor sidebar).
And now the question: How should we name this component ?
- DOM-Tree-Browser ?
- DOM-Tree-Editor ?
- DOM-Tree-* ?

I imagine one way you can help alecf is by fixing his bugs.

Deficiencies in the DOM viewer shouldn't cause this bug to be reopened, they
should be submitted as separate bugs.  The issue as per the summary is clearly
Closed: 21 years ago21 years ago
OK (and "sorry"), switching resolution back to "Resolved fixed".
Waiting for the DOM-Tree-???-Component in BugZilla...

Dumb question: Can you post an URL which shows me all alecf's bugs open bugs ?
It sounds like that request is basically to allow some notion of collapsing in
the page source for HTML or XML, and hence would be again Page Source rather
than Page DOM.

alecf's bugs are at

You asked ...
I assume that XML already has syntax colouring for page source since HTML has
it.  Also, the DOM viewer is useful as opposed to the page source since it
abstracts away from layout and comments and just shows the structure.  I think
the poster just prefers the page source method.

Any problems with newlines should be posted as a bug against the viewer of

I suspect any "DOM editor" would best be edited using the multi-tab UI described
in a n.p.m.editor thread called 'Preview Button "UI"' which has some discussion
of different editing modes.
DOM Editor = Bug #14527
I can't seem to bring this DOM tree viewer up anymore.  Build 2000013111 win32.  
Is it broken?
I'm reopening this bug because the DOM viewer is missing from the nightly builds
and the milestone releases.  I can't find any explanation of this in bugzilla
bugs on the DOM viewer.  At the very least it's a bug that a menu item in
mozilla (Debug -> DOM Viewer) does nothing but spin its wheels on my Linux
2000-02-04-08 build.

However, it is not my intention for y'all to resolve this bug by removing the
link to the DOM viewer.  Resolve it by putting the DOM Viewer back into the
nightly builds.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
re-assign to alecf
Assignee: sspitzer → alecf
Target Milestone: M5 → M20
I think that for some reason it was decided that we discontinue general 
packaging of the dom viewer.  If you download it per instructions it will work. 

As such I'm marking WORKSFORME, because when I download and insert the 
domviewer it works.

This bug should not be reopened. It's 2 days shy of a year old. There is now a 
component, so if you have future issues with this component, you may file a new 
->All/All Dom Viewer.
Closed: 21 years ago20 years ago
Component: Browser-General → DOM Viewer
Keywords: verifyme
OS: SunOS → All
Hardware: Sun → All
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Obsolete DOM Viewer bugs -> Browser-General; DOM Viewer component is going away.
Component: DOM Viewer → Browser-General
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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