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Crash after browsing for a while.


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I pulled out the source of SeaMonkey by CVS to develop my own project since the
beginning of this year. I also update my mozilla source tree every Monday. But,
it has been a long time I found that the browser seems dosen't free its memory
so that it will run out of the memory after browsing many web pages, whatever
viewer or the apprunner. Even the M8 version or the newest one I pull out is so.
Summary: Crash after browsing for a while.
Necko memleak?  Added summary.
I don't know if this bug report has enough detail for gagan to go on. There are
other bug reports dealing specifically with memory leaks. Gagan?
Yes some more info would be useful.
The attachment I post is a page that will change its picture every 5 seconds. If
you use linux command 'top' to view the memory usage of viewer(M8), you will
find the memory size of viewer will grow when the picture changes. After running
a period of time, it will run out of the system memory.
neither of these testcases work on a recent build could you create another one
that does work?
Whiteboard: help wanted
Target Milestone: M12
Am not sure this is cache related. Volunteers help me clarify this.
I don't understand how this could be cache-related if there's no caching code in
the browser.
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the attachment doesn't work, we need more specific steps to reproduce, plus the
component is set incorrectly, marking invalid.

Cathy, please come up with a new testcase or more reproducible steps, thanks
Use M9 viewer to run the attachment(id=1829) will cause viewer's core memory to
grow. (You can see this form the output message of 'top' command). The memory
usage of the attachmemt(id=1226) in M9 is normal.
I am not sure if the attachment(id=1829) will work. If not, pls use browser's
 "view source" utility to view the source of the attachment and download it.
Then, you can test it in the viewer.
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