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When switching from non-retina to retina, rendered HTML is offset


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Steps to reproduce:

On my Macbook pro, I had an external monitor plugged in (dual screen set up). My Firefox window was on the non-retina external monitor's desktop. Then I unplugged my monitor. This put the Firefox window on my only desktop, which is now retina.

I'm currently on FF 36.0 (I believe I'm in the beta channel, still). This was also happening in the 36 betas.

Actual results:

The rendered HTML is offset on the left, as seen in this screen shot:

I'm not sure this happens *every* time, but it happens enough to be annoying (read: it's not a one-off).

The example shows only an offset on the left, but I believe I've also seen dead space offsets like this on the top, bottom, and right.

Expected results:

After reloading the page, Firefox displays it as this:

It should never have rendered with the offset.
Component: Untriaged → Graphics
Product: Firefox → Core
Maybe :mattwoodrow?
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FWIW, I thought this might have been fixed in `37.0` (which I am currently on), but it happened again today.
Version: 36 Branch → 37 Branch
Again, I was hopeful that this was fixed, but this morning (on 41.0b8) it happened again: (VirtualBox bug not related (-: )
Version: 37 Branch → 41 Branch
Not sure if it's useful for me to keep updating this way, but it happened again just now on 42.0b3.
This time it was when switching from retina to non-retina. It may have been this way all along, actually, now that I think of it.
Version: 41 Branch → 42 Branch
It's good to know that the bug hasn't mysteriously disappeared however the version field should reflect the original version of the bug. That said this has been awaiting attention for several months. Milan, who is the right person to look into this?
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Version: 42 Branch → 36 Branch
Yes, this has been around forever and there are a few different bugs on the subject.  External monitors and different screen resolution multipliers confuse things.
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Still happening on 43. This time when switching from non-retina external monitor to built-in retina.
(In reply to Sean Coates from comment #7)
> Still happening on 43. This time when switching from non-retina external
> monitor to built-in retina.

Hi Sean, I don't think you need to keep updating here to say it's still happening. It's safe to say the issue will persist as long as we're not actively working to fix it. That said, it might be good to know if it mysteriously disappears at some point.

Milan, what do you need to move this forward?
OK. Cool. I certainly don't want to be annoying about it; was just updating major versions, but I don't need to.

It'll be hard to tell if it does mysteriously disappear because it rarely happens.

Let me know if you need any additional info that you think I might have.
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