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3 years ago
The english update is available here: https://github.com/mozilla/legal-docs/blob/master/marketplace_developer_agreement/en-US.md

Please have this update translated into Spanish immediately. We'll need this by Tuesday next week if possible (march 3rd).

I'll specify which languages need additional updates next week. Spanish is most urgent.



3 years ago
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I will get the request underway.  Will update on the possible deadline, but it will be next Monday most likely.
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Hello Corneliu,

This is rather urgent.  Is it possible to turn the Spanish (es) around by next Tuesday?  

Delta of the old and the new: https://github.com/mozilla/legal-docs/commit/92ffa2276612de875a0a62f6dfcf4fe948fe2821#diff-2af80c8c12fb49aa9cd5b59ee7500355.

Not clear if the person(s) localizing it before are based out of Spain or Latam.  I will send you an email email to you and Cecilia.

Thank you,
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3 years ago
Hi, Peiying,

Is Spanish the only target language for now?

Thank you,
Corneliu, for now, it is the only one needed by Tuesday if possible. Quality is important, so let's make sure we get the content right.

Mika,from legal is working on priority of other languages, but most likely the same set you have worked on before.

Is this update needed for all currently supported locales for this document? If so, HTP can proceed with it and you can communicate the deadline (if needed sooner than proposed deadline by HTP) in this bug.

Due to some findings in the update, HTP found that the review input from the community has missing accents in the updates they made between translation. I asked HTP to pick up the latest version on github before updating with the new content. Since it may take time to resolve this, the ETA to deliver the Spanish one is Monday March 9th.

"... We've examined the existing Spanish translation and found out that it doesn't contain any written accent marks, so it cannot really be considered acceptable Spanish. If the basic orthography rules for Spanish haven't been respected, there might also be other issues with the existing translation.  Therefore we recommend that we review the entire Spanish document, before proceeding with the translation of the update. Should you agree with this approach, we would be able to deliver the final file by the beginning of the next week (03/09), possibly earlier."

Let me check with the community on this.

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3 years ago
Hi Peiying, we need it sooner than next Monday.  What is the earliest we can get it done this week?
We need to reconcile the issue raised by HTP.  Also, the locale of es now is called es-ES (this is a company wide update, not just legal), so I can't get to the history of the changes of the document anymore.

usually dev doesn't want to push code on Fridays, so this leaves to Thursday at the latest.
Files were simply renamed, that can't be the reason of the accents disappearing

To check the history you can search for the commit before this change, which would be

I'm not sure which file I should be looking at, but I don't see any community change on the Marketplace Developer Agreement
Flod, thank you for the investigation.  This could be happening during import.  Let me check with the agency.
Hello Mika,

A few marketplace legal docs were localized long before the overall legal doc was outsourced.  There is not much history to track except the that since we started working on this Wil moved the files to the current location.  It looks like Marketplace ToS also misses accent.  

I suggested the agency to add the accents back in, but in reviewing the content, the feedback is that the quality is very poor and it needs serious editing or needs to be translated from scratch.  

In short, at the earliest, Spanish can be returned by Monday March 9th, or it could take longer. This is the current ETA.  

Do let me know about the other locales needed.  We may have some legacy files to deal with for some languages.

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3 years ago
Hi, Peiying,

We reviewed and implemented the updates in Spanish Marketplace Developer Agreement.
Here is the pull request to be merged:


Thank you,
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Thank you Corneliu.

Flod - it turns out the original translation was done through machine translation per community comment.  We are checking another doc without accent either.

Mika, let me know what other languages you have in mind for the update.
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