Implement Web Accessible API Replacement for Element.mozScrollSnap and Window.mozScrollSnap




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Element.mozScrollSnap and Window.mozScrollSnap were created in Bug 945584.  These ChromeOnly API's are used to enable the middle-mouse button scrolling (implemented within the browser chrome) to trigger scroll snapping.

This functionality is also useful for regular content.  The CSSOM-View w3c specification should be extended to expose this, possibly as an extension to the ScrollOptions dictionary.

See Bug 945584 Comment 150 for more background.
Is this tracked anywhere as a bug against the spec?
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(In reply to Florian Bender from comment #1)
> Is this tracked anywhere as a bug against the spec?

IIRC (this was some time ago), there was no bug filed against the spec for this, but I still feel it would be useful there.
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Would you be the right contact to file such spec bug? If not, can you please redirect to someone to get this going?
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