Events deleted during full sync of tasks



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4 years ago

> this.resetLog();

resetLog calls resetSync which calls calStorageCalendar.deleteCalendar which wipes everything from the offline cache. This is very bad. Only tasks should be deleted at this point.

(It looks like getUpdatedMin was written to be used for more than flushing the tasks, which is the only thing it does now.)
Ah yes, indeed. It might not be /that/ bad, because at least for new calendars using the wizard its not possible to create a calendar that has both events and tasks, but of course for migrated calendars this is different.

I don't think we have code to remove only a certain class of items, I'd either have to loop through events and delete them one by one, or live with the fact that events are also re-downloaded. Given that this only kicks in when there has been no update for 7 days, I think it might be acceptable to re-download all events too?

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4 years ago
Lowering the severity given bug 1139345.
Severity: major → normal
Depends on: 1139345

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4 years ago
I have the same problem. When i change an event in lightning in a shared Google calendar, my changes disapear on next sync. I tried it a few times, always the same.
Then i changed the event on the Google calendar website. It worked and i can reload the Google page and the event is still how i changed it.
However, when i sync now my calendars in lightning, the changed event is not shown. I still see the old state of the event.

I activated the debug log, there are no errors or warnings. "Just" at the end of the output this notices:

> [calGoogleCalendar] Error syncing:
> 2147500037: (resource://gdata-provider/modules/gdataUtils.jsm:1012):TypeError: item.recurrenceInfo is null

> [JavaScript Error: "[calCachedCalendar] replay action failed: null, uri=googleapi://randomuser/?, result=item.recurrenceInfo is null, op=[xpconnect wrapped calIOperation]"]

> [calCachedCalendar] replayChangesOn finished.

> [calCachedCalendar] sync queue empty.


4 years ago
Summary: Events deleted when during full sync of tasks → Events deleted during full sync of tasks
(In reply to david from comment #3)

According to description and the message you are experiencing a different problem than the one reported here. Could you please retest with the latest releases of both Lightning and Provider for Google Calendar extension and file a new bug if the problem still exists?
Given the performance implications of removing only tasks, and the fact that its not possible to create shared task/event calendars in the UI, I'm going to mark this one WONTFIX. Sorry!
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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