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Investigate use of android:windowActionBar on values-v21/styles


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Not set


(firefox37 unaffected, firefox38 affected, firefox39 affected)

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We use it in v11 but don't use it in v21.

Taking so I don't forget about it but someone else can take it if they want to.
Sebastian, do you know what this attribute does?
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> Flag indicating whether this window should have an Action Bar in place of the usual title bar.

Not sure why we would ever want to explicitly disable the ActionBar though.

We only set it to false in GeckoBase and GeckoDialogBase. GeckoDialogBase is not overriden in v21 so we should inherit this style in v21+. It's parent (Theme.Holo.Light.Dialog) already sets windowActionBar to false so it should not be needed. Setting it to false in GeckoBase seems odd assuming the default should be showing an ActionBar. But we don't have many activities and GeckoPreferencesBase sets it to true again. Mhhh. v21 in general is very basic so far. I just recently added the action bar styling but I guess a lot of styles still fallback to Holo in v11+.
Flags: needinfo?(s.kaspari)
Realistically not getting to this.

This should fix itself once we unify our UI across device configurations (bug 1202076).
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