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load management : make "load tabs progressively" native


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My request is not a bug but enhancement.

I have a low bandwidth internet connection (512 Mb/s. At best, I can download with 170Mb/s rate).

I have a particular use of FF where I load 20 or 30 tabs at the same time (automatic procedure). FF always wants to load them all in one time, then the performance is very bad. If I have launched file downloads before, the bandwidth for these downloads is decreasing til crash.

The workaround I have found is to use the "Load tabs progressively" add-on that solves the issue. But this add-on is only functional with FF 4 to 8. So I have 2 versions of FF installed on my PC: FF4 for the particular use, and FF 25 for other uses.

It should be great to improve the load management in FF. 

Please download FF 42 from here:   and see if you still have this problem.
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Thanks for your answer.

I have tried FF 42. FF 42 still wants to load all the tabs in one time, then hangs during 2 or 3 minutes (too many tabs to load), and doesn't load the tabs in the order of opening.

I have no need to load all the tabs in one time, only one by one. With FF4 and the "load tabs progressively" add-on, I can view the first loaded tabs while the other ones are loading and it's perfect like that. With FF 42, the first ones are still loading when the others have finished to load and the load order is random.

As a conclusion, FF4 + "load tabs progressively" is much better than FF 42 for my particular use. There is certainly something to improve in FF.
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I have found a new version of the add-on "load tabs progressively" for FF35+ here:

It works. This issue can be closed.
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Sorry for reopening this issue I have reported, but you have to admit that there is a very bad load management in FF, even if I have nearly solved my problem with the "load tabs progressively" add-on.

The 35 last versions of FF have been released with security improvements or with developers tools or to make it more beautiful. I think it's time to make it more useful and stronger in downloading.
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