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Add .t style tests for Autoland framework


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Follow on to bug 1138989, use vct style .t tests for Autoland rather than the current unit tests.
Since we last spoke about this, there is a unittest-based framework in place now. See testing/vcttesting/ It even has Selenium support (although that part is new and still somewhat fragile).

If you want to write Python unit tests, go for it. They certainly make more sense for things that aren't CLI based, which most of the content in v-c-t has historically been.
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/r/4967 - autoland: create .t style tests for autoland (bug 1140155); r=gps

Pull down this commit:

hg pull review -r 20fa60814b566e0cfc2455df067e528a7ca1ca0c
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MozReview Request: bz://1140155/dminor

I only glanced over the test specifics. The rest of this looks good.

::: hgext/reviewboard/tests/
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> -  mozreview start `pwd` --mercurial-port $HGPORT --reviewboard-port $HGPORT1 --bugzilla-port $HGPORT2 --pulse-port $HGPORT3 > /dev/null
> +  mozreview start `pwd` --mercurial-port $HGPORT --reviewboard-port $HGPORT1 --bugzilla-port $HGPORT2 --pulse-port $HGPORT3 --autoland-port $HGPORT4 > /dev/null

Just so you are aware, the $HGPORT<N> variables are hard-coded in (which comes from upstream Mercurial). 4 is currently the highest number (which we've had to increase from the default of 3 upstream). Adding another port will cause the tests to explode.
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