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Apitrace won't compile under gcc 4.7.3~ (the set compiler version we have been using on mozilla infra)


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A bit of potential legacy we inherit is using the gcc-4.7.3 packages buildbot uses in our builder images... We also happen to install cmake which retriggers api trace to be built (we do not do this normally on buildbot) which reveals a bustage here:

I initially thought this was some terrible TC specific issue but it looks more likely (given we are compiling this only on TC) that the new c++ features added recently are not available/on in the compiler we are using...
@mchang do we care about apitrace?
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I see fairly routine Bumper Bot pushes updating apitrace, so *somebody* is using it somewhere.
Just asked around gfx, nobody actively uses apitrace. Two options:

1) If it isn't too hard, can we update the apitrace version which may actually build on this version of gcc.
2) Disable building apitrace and the next person who needs it can try to fix it.
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fwiw- we never have built in automatically on infra until now (and I just disabled this) but I wanted to  call it out if anyone is using it (or wanted to use it)
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