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YouTube: copying issues in HTML5 mode UI and "Stats for nerds"


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Steps to reproduce:

Right-click on HTML5 viewer and select an item.

Actual results:

1. several menu items, such as "Get video URL", return data (highlighted blue); but these can not be Copy'd and Paste'd because Copy does not replace whatever is in Copy buffer.  Linux workaround: double-click info and mouse-click paste.
2. Stats for nerds: unable to capture this data via either copy/paste method. Would require screen shot.

Expected results:

C&P should work
1. By "highlighted blue" you mean "looking selected". Somebody's bug indeed.
2. Must be a YouTube's problem.
Summary: html5 menu items → YouTube: copying issues in HTML5 mode UI and "Stats for nerds"
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I tested this on latest Nightly build (v.46) and Copy/Paste works fine for me. 
Also "Stats for nerds" data can be captured via copy/paste. Here are the steps I used: 
  1) Right click on the HTML5 youtube video 
  2) Click on "Stats for nerds" 
  3) I selected the data from "Stats for Nerds" 
  4) Right click for context menu to appear 
  5) Clicked "Copy" 
  6) Pasted on a new document. 
RESULT: Copy/Paste worked fine.

Pierre, can you confirm if this works for you as expected on latest Nightly version (currently v. 46 -
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All the items in the right-click menu that can be copied now work.
However, "Report playback issue" does not give user a chance to see what is about to be reported. It just went to which provided no clue as to what was reported. Suspecting YouTube in this case might not be happy with these "reports"...
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Thank you for your response. 

I tried to reproduce the "report playback issue" but worked for me. After clicking on "Report playback issue" I got a pop-up were I could write a description, after that I could take a screenshot and before submitting the bug I could see the bug description and the screenshot. So I was able to see what was about to be reported.

However, if this is an issue for you, and considering this bug is about copy/paste issue, would it not be better to close this one, and fill the "Report playback issue" in a new bug report with all steps to reproduce in place?
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Maybe we see it differently...  that was not a "popup" here; it was the webpage mentioned in comment 4 which offers the abilities you describe.  Anyway, closing.
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