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Intermittent test_oob_cert_auth.js | xpcshell return code: 0 | :0: error: uses an invalid security certificate.


(Core :: Security: PSM, defect, P2)

Gonk (Firefox OS)




(Reporter: cbook, Unassigned)




(Keywords: intermittent-failure, Whiteboard: [psm-intermittent][psm-backlog])

b2g_emulator_vm mozilla-inbound debug test xpcshell-2

01:40:07 WARNING - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | toolkit/devtools/security/tests/unit/test_oob_cert_auth.js | xpcshell return code: 0 

01:40:07 INFO - PROCESS | toolkit/devtools/security/tests/unit/test_oob_cert_auth.js | :0: error: uses an invalid security certificate.
Any ideas on this, David?
Component: Security → Security: PSM
Flags: needinfo?(dkeeler)
I think the certificate aspect of this may be a red herring. In any case, I don't know what's going on and can't reproduce locally. Maybe someone from devtools and/or the original author has some insight?
Flags: needinfo?(dkeeler) → needinfo?(jryans)
Will investigate, keeping ni? until I know more.
Flags: needinfo?(jryans)
See Also: → 1166032, 1163052
I'm making some progress investigating this.  I'll assign for now, hopefully have more to say soon.
Assignee: nobody → jryans
Depends on: 1186993
As far as I know, nothing has changed in the related DevTools that would cause this to occur.

It looks like a latent race condition in either networking code or the TLSServerSocket code (which I added a while ago).  See also bug 1166032 and bug 1163052 for similar bugs intermittent failures on this test, but those have crash dumps in TLSServerSecurityObserverProxy::OnHandshakeDoneRunnable or DispatchCertVerificationResult.

I can continue investigating, but I don't expect to find a quick answer at the moment.  Also, I'll be on PTO next week.

If we need a short term fix to stop hassling the sheriffs, let's consider disabling this test on b2g emulators for now, which is where nearly all the intermittents appear to be from.
I don't have time to investigate this further at the moment, so for now, I've disabled this test on B2G emulator debug and Android opt, which is where it appears to fail according to Orange Factor.
Assignee: jryans → nobody