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Firefox stops loading pages and I cannot kill the process


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Steps to reproduce:

I run Firefox in safemode.  After some time it stops loading new pages.  All loads produce wait circles.  Then I exit.  Sysinternals Process Explorer shows the process still running.  Using CPU.  I try to kill the process and the CPU usage stops but the process will not exit.  

Actual results:

I cannot kill the process nor can I start another one.

Expected results:

The Firefox process should have exited.
The only solution is to reboot my computer.  Win7 64bit.
I am experiencing the same problem. I'm on Win7 32bit.
After any crash, when I try to start firefox I get:
Firefox is already running, but is not responding. The old Firefox process must be closed to open a new window.
When I select the end process option I get:
Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible

When I try to stop the process (or the process tree) from the Windows Task Manager, nothing happens.

My only solution is to reboot.
We are three having experienced this issue and reported it.
Here are the links to the two other threads :
David, are you still experiencing this on the latest Firefox version?

If yes, could you please try the suggestions made in Comment 4?
Closing this as incomplete due to lack of additional information from the reporter.

David, please feel free to reopen it if the issue is back and reproducible.
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