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Reimplement Facebook Chat not using XMPP


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Steps to reproduce:

I want to not have to use Facebook web interface after April 31, 2015.
The XMPP server is going to be disabled after that date [1]


Actual results:

I found an implementation of chat using the newer API, via web calls, at .

Expected results:

I would like someone more knowledgeable than me to evaluate and, if possible, integrate, the new chat API before April 31.
Not sure why I never saw this, but yes...we should plan to stop using the XMPP interface. It currently has still been working for me, however.

My current plan is to switch to the MQTT transport that the Facebook Messenger apps work. This uses MQTT over TCP with JSON/Thrift messaging. libpurple did an implementation of this for GSoC last year, we could either include their C++ code or rewrite it into JavaScript (which would allow use in Thunderbird).
Component: Untriaged → XMPP
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Product: Thunderbird → Chat Core
Version: 31 → trunk
Summary: Evaluate Facebook's XMPP server alternative → Stop using XMPP to connect to Facebook
Just so you guys and gals know, the Facebook chat is now broken in Thunderbird, so this issue should be patched ASAP.
I think it would be best if you opened another bug for that and then linking it here.

Fixing Facebook brokenness may involve other solution than migrating to the new API.
It's really all the same bug at this point. XMPP has stopped working, we need to do something else.
Duplicate of this bug: 1235453
FYI we put up a blog post about this if people are interested in more information:
Duplicate of this bug: 1244218
Depends on: 1236133
Summary: Stop using XMPP to connect to Facebook → Reimplement Facebook Chat not using XMPP
I've started some work on this and have gotten authentication working.
Assignee: nobody → clokep
Severity: normal → major
Blocks: 1235331
No longer blocks: 1235331
Attached patch WIP v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
I have a WIP that downloads the contact list. I wanted to get some feedback on my use of promises from Nihanth.
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Attached patch WIP v2Splinter Review
This now connects to MQTT and is able to send/parse messages.
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Attachment #8717599 - Flags: feedback?(nhnt11)
Component: XMPP → General
Assignee: clokep → nobody
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