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erroneous "Invalid property value" due to mis-parsing string


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Attached file css-t1.html (obsolete) —
Consider the attached HTML page.
It has an inline style:

	body:after {
	content: "quotes '\" gold";

In the inspector, this is given an "Invalid property value" warning sign.

One issue here might be the way the regexp in output-parser.js is defined:

const REGEX_QUOTES = /^".*?"|^".*|^'.*?'|^'.*/;

This doesn't handle backslash quoting.

Note that the string is also displayed incorrectly in the view.
There it shows:

   content: "quotes '" gold";

... i.e., something is stripping out the backslash and not adding it back.
Attached file css-t1.html
This time without the unnecessary <script>
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Assignee: nobody → ttromey
This turns out to be a fairly simple buglet in css-parsing-utils.js:quoteString.
I've removed this function for the as-authored series, but meanwhile it doesn't
hurt to fix it.
This changes quoteString to properly quote a double quote, and to
handle backslash as well.

It would be good to also handle \r, \n, and \f, but the tokenizer
currently in-tree doesn't like these, and since I'm upgrading the
tokenizer for a longer-term project, it seemed better to just wait
rather than try to fix it up.  (The new tokenizer is substantially
different, so it isn't a simple matter of backporting a bug fix.)
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This update removes a comment from the patch.

I had been looking at the tokenization part of the grammar to
understand strings and didn't notice there is another section about
interpretation.  This section specifies that a backslash-newline
sequence in a string is to be ignored in CSS.  So, the comment was
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Attachment #8578658 - Flags: review?(pbrosset)
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
Comment on attachment 8578658 [details] [diff] [review]
fix quoteString to correctly quote

Review of attachment 8578658 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: browser/devtools/styleinspector/css-parsing-utils.js
@@ +21,3 @@
>    }
> +  // Quote special characters as specified by the CSS grammar.

Could you link to the css grammar tokenization spec in this comment?

@@ +21,5 @@
>    }
> +  // Quote special characters as specified by the CSS grammar.
> +  return quote +
> +    string.replace(/[\\"]/g, function(match, offset, string) {

You don't seem to be using offset and string in the function body, also you could use a fat arrow function here:

quote + string.replace(/[\\"]/g, match => {
  switch (match) {
}) + quote;

::: toolkit/devtools/server/main.js
@@ +60,5 @@
>    dumpn.wantLogging = Services.prefs.getBoolPref(LOG_PREF);
>    dumpv.wantVerbose =
>      Services.prefs.getPrefType(VERBOSE_PREF) !== Services.prefs.PREF_INVALID &&
>      Services.prefs.getBoolPref(VERBOSE_PREF);
> +  dumpn.wantLogging = true;

This looks like something you forgot to remove before uploading the patch.
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Attachment #8578658 - Attachment is obsolete: true
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Closed: 7 years ago
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Product: Firefox → DevTools
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