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3 years ago
Now that we have a Javascript API for playing archived events, we can do things for every second the video is being played because we can have a event emitter that says which moment in time we're at, every second. 

One definite use-case for this is to build an editing tool where you say, for example, "Between 38m10s till 41m40s the person speaking is _Mitchell Baker_ (https://mozillians.org/en-US/u/mitchell/)"

Overlays are pretty easy to do [0] but I think we might need some attention to detail to make it look good and sleek. 

As for the editor, we'd simply use the Javascript API again to start and stop and allow for entering of details at certain points and then say, in the database, a snippet and its start and stop time. Or better, a snippet could belong to multiple start and stop times. 

[0] https://gist.github.com/kadamwhite/4280595
Priority: -- → P2

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3 years ago
I've investigated this a bit. It seems that because we let vid.ly do the setup we can't register plugins. There may or may not be other ways but I'm hoping for a response from the JW Player email support.

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3 years ago
Uh. I was wrong. There are other simpler ways to make it work without messing the way limited API JW Player exposes. It's just HTML5 after all. It's just div tags and stuff sitting on top of a <video> tag. 

With a little bit of jQuery I've got a brilliant prototype working. I don't have the database backend to save or even make these snippets so they're hardcoded but it's working really well. I'm eager to demo the prototype and then we can discuss what to do from here. It quickly becomes a matter of CSS excellence. :)

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3 years ago
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