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Remove the scroll position passed around in the scrollview event


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See bug 1142926 comment 4 and bug 1142926 comment 7. The scrollview event dispatched starting at [1] includes a scroll position x,y which is nonsensical because it doesn't specify which scrollframe is being scrolled. Without this information the scroll position cannot possibly be interpreted in a sensical manner, leading to a footgun if anybody tries to use these values. Since the values are not being used anymore we should just remove them.

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Attached patch Gecko patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This rips out the stuff on the gecko side. I noticed that in gaia/tv_apps/smart-system/js/text_selection_dialog.js there is still some code that uses the x and y scroll offsets - does that code need updating? It looks like a fork of gaia/apps/system/js/text_selection_dialog.js that is out of date.
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Gecko patch

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This patch looks good to me.
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I don't know how gaia/tv_apps/smart-system/js/text_selection_dialog.js is being used.

George, John, need your feedback about comment 1.
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Gecko patch

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Kats, your probably forgot to add those changes to SelectionCarets.h in this patch.
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Gecko patch

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We may not need it in smart-system. I will make a patch to remove that from smart-system.
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BTW, we are going to merge smart system back to system app.
TextSelectionDialog doesn't need value of scrollX and scrollY.
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Fixed up the header and another call site - not sure why I didn't catch those before. Based on the fact that the scroll position isn't used anywhere (the only use site will be removed as per comment 6) I think this should be safe to land now.
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Remove scroll position from scrollviewchange event

Hm, the hg hook tells me I can't land this without DOM peer review because it touches a .webidl file.
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