'New contact' button for adding new card still grayed/greyed out/disabled after selecting an addressbook (works after second selection)

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Thunderbird Daily 39.0a1 20150316 on Windows 8.1

Likely regression from bug 170270: Opening the address book has 'All Address Books' selected. The buttons 'New contact' and 'New list' are disabled. Selecting an address book (e.g. Personal Address Book) only enables 'New List'. Now clicking on the second address book also enables the 'New contant' button which remains enabled when returning to the first address book.
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Thanks, seems to work for me.
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Assignee: nobody → syshagarwal
OS: Windows 8.1 → All
Product: MailNews Core → Thunderbird
Hardware: x86 → All
Version: Trunk → 38
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However, there seems to be be (at least) one case still missing. Once you select and address book and then select a contact only "new list" is enabled.
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So, new list will create anew list with the selected contact as one of list's contacts. What will new contact do?
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It doesn't. I suppose it could start a new list of the selection if multiple contacts are selected, but afaik it never worked that way. 

For this bug in both cases it should just bring up the new contact/new list dialog, like it did in 31.
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Thx! r=mkmelin
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Closed: 5 years ago
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