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Remove duplication between password-save and password-change notifications


(Toolkit :: Password Manager, defect)

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39.2 - 23 Mar
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The password-save and password-change notifications are anchored to the same icon but are currently different notifications, which might lead to race conditions in some cases. Using a single ID would remove this concern.
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Blocks: passwords-2015-UX
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The patch

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::: toolkit/components/passwordmgr/nsLoginManagerPrompter.js
@@ +858,3 @@
>                        "password-notification-icon", mainAction,
> +                      secondaryActions,
> +                      { timeout: + 10000,

Nit: want to move the opening and closing of the object literal to their own lines so blame doesn't change every time when we modify the first & last property?
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I've fixed a test for the doorhanger type detection used by the Sync message.
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Closed: 7 years ago
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Blocks: 1149283
QA Contact: kjozwiak
Used the following websites to go through the test cases listed below:

* logging into a website that currently doesn't have a saved password will correctly display the "Save Password" doorhanger
* logging into a website with a new password with an account that's already saved will display the "Change Password" doorhanger
* ensure that the "Save Password" and "Update Password" doorhangers are basically similar (have the same UX)
* changed passwords are correctly being displayed in the "Saved Passwords" database under the security preferences
* adding a previously saved username into the "username" field when it appears as "no username" correctly asks the user to "update" rather than "save" the password
* using usernames that are currently saved in the password database are correctly being filled in with the correct passwords
* selecting usernames that have been removed from the password database are not being filled in
* selecting "Never remember password for this site" won't prompt the doorhanger for that particular website anymore
** ensure the site is appearing under the "Exceptions - Saved Passwords" list
** ensure the user will be asked to save the passwords once the site has been removed from the "Exceptions - Saved Passwords" list
** ensured that even though "Never remember password for this site" has been selected, previously saved passwords are still being correctly filled in
* use the same username on several different websites and ensure the correct username/password is being used for each website
* making sure that username and passwords are not being auto filled while in "Private Browsing" mode

Save Passwords Database under Security Preferences:

* removing single entries using the "Remove" button
* selecting "Remove All" under "Saved Passwords" in preferences correctly prompts the user
** selecting "No" and "X" under the "Remove all passwords" dismisses the prompt and doesn't remove any of the passwords
** selecting "Yes" correctly removes all the passwords from the database
** ensure that once the database is deleted, you cannot login with the previously saved username/passwords
* pressing "Show Passwords" prompts a confirmation dialog
** selecting "Yes" correctly displays all the passwords currently saved
** selecting "No" correctly dismisses the prompt and doesn't display any of the saved passwords
* ensure that the "Remove", "Remove All" and "Show Passwords" buttons are grayed out when there's no passwords in the database
* ensure that "Copy Username" and "Copy Password" is working correctly when right clicking on saved entries

Used the following build:
No longer blocks: passwords-2015-UX
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