[l10n: sk] Remove 'sk' from the list of supported locales for MDN



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Please remove 'sk' from the list of supported locales for MDN pages. We don't intend to work on MDN pages anytime in near future due to lack of resources and small potential target audience. Thank you
I really have nothing to do with MDN, the only way I can help is by moving to the right component.

I don't remember if we ship 'sk' on Firefox OS, in which case we may need the locale for the Developer Agreemeent. 

Also note that it wouldn't really hurt to leave the locale there: we (Italian) weren't contributing to the localization, a new volunteer decided to take the work and created a small group of developers interested in contributing.
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:teoli, can you advise on this? It doesn't look like we have an sk. Vlado, are you filing this because you found some reference to sk in MDN?
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We (a loc team) have been doing some internal cleanup in the project available for translation into Slovak and found the MDN to be ambiguous in terms of our intention/availability to work on this, and an effort needed to actually provide a reasonable end-user experience and small target audience compared to other moz-projects we're working on.

That said, we think it's not necessary to have the loc files in place in svn (http://viewvc.svn.mozilla.org/vc/projects/mdn/trunk/locale/sk/) and we shall probably stop wasting the infrastructure resources to build the content, l10n reporting tools to report unlocalized content etc.

If you think this may cause any troubles (for example with Firefox OS as Flod mentioned above), we don't insist. Thank you.
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We need the locale to be activated for mandatory pages like the one Flod listed. Also we are discussing activating more locales as the MDN works fairly well with partially translated locale (translated page if it exists, English page with call-to-action for the others), and it brings a regular flow of new contributors (not in sk though), that we can put in relation with their l10n teams too: we noticed it is much easier to translate articles than UI.

I propose to WONTFIX this (maybe after this week council)
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Comment 4 works for me. Vlado, thanks for filing, and thanks for the l10n work you do!
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Comment 6

3 years ago
Clearing Locale value as it is no longer relevant for this product and component.
Locale: sk / Slovak
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