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Device type assets for Synced Tabs panel


(Firefox for iOS :: Home screen, defect)

iOS 8
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On Android and Desktop, we distinguish "mobile" and "desktop".  We'll want assets (icons) for those classes at least.  We may be able to do more identifiying Mac devices (laptop, desktop), and Apple handhelds (iPhones, iPads), so the full (Apple-flavoured) range would be nice.
We *should* also be able to distinguish:

In Bug 1097222 additional optional fields were added:

    os string: an OS name, most likely one of “Darwin” (Mac OS X), “WINNT” (Windows), “Android”, or “iOS”.
    appPackage string: an unambiguous identifier for the client application. For Android, this is the package (e.g., org.mozilla.firefox_beta). For desktop this is the value of Services.appinfo.ID.
    application string: a human-readable application name, such as “Nightly” or “Firefox”.
    formfactor string: a value such as “phone”, “largetablet”, “smalltablet”, “desktop”, “laptop”, “tv”.
    device string: a description of the hardware that this client uses. Currently only supported by Android; returns values like “HTC One”.

If these fields are missing, clients are expected to fall back to behaviors that do not depend on the missing data.

That is: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS, release channel, and (for Android and iOS), tablet/phone/etc.

Fall back to generic mobile versus laptop/desktop.
This just got a little more complicated, then: we want to expose:

* form factor (mobile/desktop, phone/largetablet/smalltablet, desktop/laptop, tv)
* Firefox channel (Release, Beta, ...)
* Possibly OS (Android, Windows, Mac, Linux)

That's a lot to display in an icon!  tecgirl, can you make a call on what we display in v1 and prepare the assets?  I would tend to form factor first, then some reflection in the form factor icon of the OS (that is, can Apple phones look different than Android phones, etc).
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I would probably ignore the release channel altogether, and just emphasize OS and form factor.
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device assets attached.
tecgirl: I'm going to land these, but I think the "desktop" set is actually "laptop", and we probably still want "desktop".  Otherwise, looks good!
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yeah I lumped laptop and desktop together. can make a quick ambiguous tower.
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New book title: Robin Andersen and the Ambiguous Tower.
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I made a tower, didn't care for it–sorry :rnewman the band will have to wait. Made an ambiguous flatscreen desktop icon instead. Changed 'desktop.png' to 'laptop.png'.
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