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Increase stack size in the Nuwa process


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This is a followup to bug 1119157 comment #14 to increase the stack size of the threads cloned by Nuwa.
We allocate thread stacks using mmap() in the Nuwa process(). Increase the stack size to default (= 1MiB) should have no effect on memory usage.
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Is there not some way to do it based on the stack size that was actually requested when the thread was created? Hard-coding any size seems like it will bite us somewhere eventually.
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Increase thread stack size in the Nuwa process

I agree with Ben.  The requested stack size (which defaults to 1 megabyte in at least some versions of bionic) is in the 'attr' attribute to pthread_create.  We should just use that.
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(Using pthread_attr_getstacksize/pthread_attr_getstackaddr/pthread_attr_getstack.  We may also want to care about pthread_attr_getguardsize too.)
* Respect the attributes (detachstate, stacksize, guardsize) when creating the threads in the Nuwa process.
* If the caller doesn't specify pthread_attr_t, use the default 1MB stack size as Android does.

Try push log:

* We might still need to copy other pthread_attr_t attributes. Or maybe it's better if we don't copy the thread attributes one by one, but just modify the one as necessary (pthread_attr_setstack()).
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Respect caller-specified thread attributes.

Yes, I think it would be an improvement to propagate the other pthread_attr_t attributes some way.  And/or causing the thread creation to fail if the attributes aren't expected, like starting a thread in the detached state might be a concerning thing to happen in the pre-fork NuWa process.  But that seems like it wants to be a separate bug.
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