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Do not use mouse coordinates from onMouseUp to set selection end when dragging in Graph


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(firefox40 fixed)

Firefox 40
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Right now the coordinates from the mouseup event are used to finalize the selection in the Graph.  This can cause weirdness when a mouseup happens outside of the toolbox and then it is triggered from the next mousemove.


Start a new selection on graph
Move the mouse up to the browser content
Release mouse
Move the mouse back into the timeline

Notice that the selection ends at the location of the mouse currently, when it should stay where it was when the mouse went up.

Dragging and resizing an existing selection doesn't have this behavior, because the coordinates are used from mousemove instead.
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Need to fix bug 1066504 first. Sorry!
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Moving into the Profiler component. Filter on GUTHRIE'S WAVY CAKES.
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No longer depends on: 1066504
Brian, are you still planning on looking at these bugs? ( )
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> Brian, are you still planning on looking at these bugs? (
> cgi?id=1147941&hide_resolved=1 )

Yes, I'll take a look at this
I don't think this is as big of a deal anymore with Bug 1145784 fixed.  I'm not positive if there is still a case where the mouseup event will be skipped when bound to the top level window.  Some quick testing shows that the mouseup event fires even when I release it outside of the browser, but I'm not sure if that's dependent on the platform / window manager.  I think this will be a quick, easy fix so I'll proceed with a patch.
Depends on: 1145784
Don't use event coordinates from mouseup.  Try push:
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Also, thank you Brian for tackling those selection bugs!
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