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View of german it news site with default settings

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Steps to reproduce:

I upgraded from a Galaxy Note 2 to the Note Edge and found that the new stock browser version was unusable for me.

After searching the interwebs for hours I finally discovered a hidden feature that made me switch to firefox for good ;-)

Actual results:

The stock browser on the Note 2 had a very useful setting called "Default zoom", which effectively changed the reported viewport size by modifying the ratio of device pixels to css pixels.
That settings was _extremely_ useful, because it allowed me to make effective use of my phablet with its larger screen.
(Instead of just showing as little content as on a 4 inch screen, but just larger).

That option was gone in the newer stock browser and no other browser offered a similar feature.
Luckily "snorp" on the Firefox Mobile IRC told me to try to change "layout.css.devPixelsPerPx" in "about:config".
Hooray! I seriously considered returning my new mobile, because having 2560x1440pixels seems useless to me if I get to see only half the content than on my older mobile with a quarter of the pixels.

See the screenshots for some typical sites that are much more usable with devPixelsPerPx set to 2.5 (which means viewport size of 576x1024px).

Expected results:

I propose to make "layout.css.devPixelsPerPx" configurable via the settings UI.
That should probably be similar to the way the old stock browser versions let the user configure it:
Offer three options for "Default zoom" called "Far", "Medium", and "Close.

Also, it might be a good idea to have another default value for the viewport size for phablets.
(I think a good and still safe default would be to have anything with a display over 5 inches use 480px wide viewports instead of 360px.)

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View of german it news site with changed settings.


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Attachment #8579977 - Attachment description: it-news-default.png → View of german it news site with default settings

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View of popular german news site with default settings

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View of popular german news site with changed settings


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I doubt we have any plans to expose this setting in the primary UI.


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