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Add "always allow" option for WiFi debugging


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The WiFi debugging connection prompt should offer a "remember / always allow" option to scan once, and then persist the client based on its certificate.

This work began in bug 1032128, but I later realized that bug is larger super-set of the features I was adding.
Assignee: nobody → jryans
Blocks: 1032128
Blocks: wifi-rdp
Replying to Jan's feedback originally in bug 1032128:

> - The new explanation text in the prompt is confusing, and it's not my
> suggestion: "other endpoint" is hard to understand, and "You can also
> remember the other endpoint to skip scans in the future" is unnecessary and
> confusing. Please remove the last sentence and don't use "endpoint" or
> "other endpoint".

We discussed this more, and agree to replace "endpoint" with "device", and to change the explanation sentence to: "You can avoid future scans by remembering this device."

> - You didn't address one of the nits I mentioned in comment 23 [1], without
> which the button text is misaligned.

I was testing on the simulator, and I really couldn't tell the difference there.  But, it seems slightly more clear on device.  I'll include the tweaks you mentioned.

> - There was no need to change the "remoteDebuggerPromptUSB" l10n-id to
> "remoteDebuggerPromptUSB.innerHTML" because the string didn't change.

This was required because of the use of innerHTML with the WiFi version.  If you show a WiFi prompt and later show the USB version without innerHTML on both, I got a "setTextContent is deprecated" error from l10n.js[1].  Using innerHTML on both is quick workaround for this.

#l10n on IRC advised me to use a fresh string ID, even though the old patch was only landed for a short time.

> Also, please move the "Scan and Remember" option below the "Scan" option,
> which is a more natural order.

I decided I don't feel that strongly, so I'll change to your suggestion.

> Again, I'm very sorry that I asked Carsten to back you out. Please don't
> take it the wrong way.

No worries, you did the right thing as a reviewer seeing things you disagree with get merged! :) Especially in the case of text changes, where we want to save work for others.

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Looks good to me! Thank you for addressing everything and getting back to me.

I had to run the tests locally because our github bot forgot to trigger them.
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As suggested on IRC, I have made the following changes:

the [-other-]{+remote+} device's certificate

by remembering [-this-]{+the+} device.
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