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Bookmark button doesn't work if outside FF window


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Build ID: 20150122214805

Steps to reproduce:

Right-click near the left side of any page. Then click the start-bookmark button to bookmark. 

Actual results:

The popup closes, but no bookmark dialog appears.

Expected results:

Bookmark dialog should appear, as it does if the right-click menu is actually inside the page area (i.e., if you initially right-click more to the left of the page).
Sorry... Correction:

Steps to reproduce:

Right-click near the *RIGHT* side of any page.
Component: Untriaged → Bookmarks & History
I think Jared worked on the new context menu, even if it's related to bookmarks I'm not sure this is the right component.

I cannot reproduce the bug on Windows, could be it's Linux only?
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I can't reproduce the bug :
My user agent : Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:39.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/39.0
(mozilla-central pulled yesterday morning)
I am on Debian stable (Wheezy).

Reporter, are you able to reproduce the issue in safe mode ( and with a fresh profile (
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The problem disappears in safe-mode (no new profile).

I disabled all add-ons and restarted Firefox, but that does _not_ solve the problem in non-safe-mode.

Also disabled all appearance themes. No luck.

Will test with new profile in a while.
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Ok... New profile doesn't solve anything. I suspect the safe-mode doesn't have anything to do with it either. 

I seem to to have identified that the issue (not-working bookmark button) appears if there is a window open below the bookmark button. I can repeat this reliably.

So, I get normal behaviour (a bookmark dialog appears) if the bookmark button is located over the desktop background.

NO bookmark dialog appears if the bookmark button is located above another window.

Could the window manager (XFCE 4.10) be 'stealing' the click event from FF? That doesn't seem probable.
This does NOT happen with the Reload button (i.e. reloading happens normally)
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