Link location at bottom of screen remains when link is not hovered over, after a click




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Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to
2. Select any product page which has reviews which have a "Read more" link (the left reviews, not the short ones on the right).
3. Hover over "Read more"; the link text shows up at the bottom of the browser window, obscuring whatever text is at the bottom.
4. Click, but don't move the mouse.
5. Now move the mouse, but don't hover over any links.

Actual results:

The text at the bottom of the screen remains, continuing to obscure text even after I no longer need to see the link, because I've clicked on the object and it expanded the review.

You need to hover over another link, so that the text is replaced by the other link, and then move off that link, in order for the link text to be removed, finally showing the page unobscured.

Expected results:

As soon as I click the link and there is no longer a link under the mouse cursor, the link text at the bottom of the browser window should be removed.

Comment 1

3 years ago
Also note that on some sites it may take a second or so for the link object being clicked on to change to a not-link object.  On those sites, I can avoid the described behavior by clicking and then immediately moving the mouse off of the link object.  It detects that as the normal "move off the link object" and removes the text at the bottom of the browser window.

But not all sites have a delay, and even on those that do, sometimes I move slower than the delay, and the link obscuring part of the page's text remains.

This rather frustrates me as a user, because sometimes another link to hover over then move off of is far away from where the mouse cursor is, and I feel that I shouldn't have to perform that movement.


3 years ago
Component: Untriaged → Layout
Product: Firefox → Core

Comment 2

3 years ago
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Build ID 	20151217072309

I reproduced this issue on Nightly 46. Also I changed the component to Core - Layout. If you think this is not the right component, please fell free to change it to a more appropriate one.
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