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Add OS X shell builds to Treeherder


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We have Linux and Windows shell builds, would be great to have OS X shell builds too to avoid Mac-only bustage like bug 1146267.

This patch fixes some minor autospider issues I ran into locally, but to get it working in automation we'll probably need more magic that I don't understand :)
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Add them into buildbot-configs.
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Add ARM simulator spidermonkey builds on OSX

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And hidden. Hopefully this is fixed ASAP so we're not wasting limited build slave resources on a permafailing job.
OSX builds removed for now with

They require clang, which needs to come from tooltool. But right now, the shell builds only pull from tooltool for Windows builds. I see no reason not to use the releng manifest for all platforms at this point.
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And here's a followup I'm much less sure of. I'm activating this for both linux and osx because I can test it on my linux slave. I don't have an osx slave to test. I won't push this until it at least works on the slave.
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Whoa. It's bizarre that I never landed all of this.

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Bleh. platform is "linux-debug". releng.manifest is under "linux32".
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use the correct name for linux32 releng.manifest
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Looks like this is all working, though I'm not sure why it only covers the simulator. Well, we'll see what bhearsum says in bug 1275775.
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