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In order for contributors in the forum to notify support about an update to a plugin a forum is requested for discussion and notification.

It would solely be to discuss topics related to on ESR, and Release versions of Firefox. 

Information needed for a update would include: 
1. Url reference to the update
2. Security notification from the vendor
3. Plugin name and version number that is latest and vulnerable

The forum is requested to be visible to all contributors and be located 
or where it makes sense.
OS: Mac OS X → All
The forum would also need an admin in charge as a form of contact, Matt is there a person in mind for being the POC for the forum?
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I think it would make the most sense to be Madalina, Mark (new hire), or possibly you. Joint ownership would also be a good idea since people do take PTO from time to time. What do you think?
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Sounds good, Madalina I can be it for now. And I will add it to Marc's onboarding.
Madalina, do we need anything else?
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3 years ago
The forum is up:

Rachel can you please write a short text describing what's the purpose of the forum so that we can add it to the forum description?
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Madalina I have emailed the forum description to you, I will put it here for convenience: 
Description of the Plugin Check Forum:
"The main purpose of this forum is to report and alert participating parties about updates to plugins on the plugin check page ( Currently the plugin check page is kept up to date by the plugin check page team based on posted bulletins and users prompted by available updates. Any update that has gone unreported should be filed in bugzilla with this bug template and add and This forum is not a place to provide support for plugins nor is the support forum."
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3 years ago
Thanks Rachel I have updated the forum description as follows " Updates and alerts about plug-ins, the plug-in check page and other discussions. This is not a support forum."

I'll close this bug.
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