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Design Spike: [Ideate] New design for Tiles


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1) Ideate on design alternatives for tiles on new tab page.
2) Introduce fresh look to coincide with Suggested Tiles launch.
3) Address spacing issues with explanation text that comes with Suggested Tiles.
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(In reply to Kevin Ghim from comment #0)
> Address spacing issues with explanation text that comes with Suggested Tiles.
The attached designs have 260px from the top of one tile to the tile below and only allows for 1 lines of explanation text.

The current design has 267px and allows for 2 lines of explanation text. 17px can be shaved off if it only allowed for 1 line of text, so 250px. But we shouldn't do that for localization reasons.

The current design is more tightly packed.
Gang - attached is a ZIP folder containing the views previously sent via email, plus a NEW set for Directory Tiles.
Also, all site titles would be domain only; those that are too long should be truncated "longsitetitlexyz..." and should leave enough padding for the favicon and pin icon.
Why are we getting rid of the page title in favor of domains? At least for me, I have several tiles that are specific subsections where the domain wouldn't tell me much about which page it is.
My intent was to display the favicon in conjunction with the site domain. Specific page titles are often long and difficult to read "wired/design/name-of-story-goes-here". Allowing for custom titles "Wired - Design" may be an option, but introduces the risk of partners writing their own titles to suit. However, we're doing just for Directory Tiles currently.

Let's talk more about this.
I like the simplicity of the fav icon/domain name title. We should consider displaying the full path on title hover to inform the user the specific page.
Whiteboard: .?
The common case is still going to be history tiles, so I'm not sure how custom titles helps in that situation. Showing the path doesn't help because

doesn't mean much while

Design Spike: [Ideate] New design for Tiles

does make sense
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