Allow installing -dbgsym packages on puppetized machines



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I was trying to to install -dbgsym packages on an Ubuntu loaner last week and couldn't get it to work. I might need this for something else I'm doing in the near future. I was following the directions here:

The first problem I hit was trying to import the GPG key for the repo (I wound up having to manually fetch it elsewhere and copy it to the machine). The second problem I hit was when I got the ddeb srcs in my apt sources list it couldn't find -dbgsym packages matching the versions of packages installed on the machine, presumably because we had pinned package versions in our deb mirror.

dustin said he thought we could do this by:
* set up a custom repo with those files in it
* maybe install them with puppet, or maybe just install that custom repo and let users do so when borrowing a host
See Also: → bug 1147421
I'm happy to help getting packages into a custom repository, but I won't have the mental bandwidth to find/build those packages.  I think the last update of the Precise repositories was February 22, 2013, judging by mtimes.
Component: RelOps → RelOps: Puppet
QA Contact: arich → dustin
Unfortunately we don't have the cycles to work on this.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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