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Update in-tree libpng to version 1.6.17


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Libpng-1.6.17 has been released. We should upgrade the embedded libpng, but it's not urgent.
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Separate parts for updates to media/libpng,, and image/decoders/nsPNGDecoder.cpp
Need a "try" run (one run that applies all three parts)
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Attachment #8585063 - Attachment description: Part01-v01-1147909-update-libpng-to-1_6_17 → Part01-v01-1147909-update-libpng-to-1_6_17-libpng
Attachment #8585064 - Attachment description: Part02-v00-1147909-update-libpng-to-1_6_17 → Part02-v00-1147909-update-libpng-to-1_6_17-nsPNGDecoder
Attachment #8585065 - Attachment description: Part03-v00-1147909-update-libpng-to-1_6_17 → Part03-v00-1147909-update-libpng-to-1_6_17-configure
The xpcshell apng tests failed.  This was essentially the same thing that happened in bug #1132081 comment#6; the zlib compression wasn't exactly the same.  This time it was because I'd removed a useless CMF-byte optimization.
Restored OPTIMIZE_CMF (increases footprint of libpng by about 1600 bytes).  I'll remove it again in bug #1137016
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Blocks: 1137016
Need try run (all 3 parts)
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Try is all green.  r?
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FWIW, It would be nicer to read these diffs if you got rid of the "Last changed in libpng..." headers. That information is easily obtained with git log [filename]
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checkin-needed (all three parts).  The "last changed" stuff is for the benefit of the 99.9 percent of our users who download tarballs (about 20000 downloads from SF versus 21 visitors to github over the past two weeks).
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