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Encapsulate AllocKind range checks in a few functions


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With all the range-based for loops in place we barely use specific AllocKinds directly anymore except to set a variable or pass into a function. The notable exceptions to this are the various assertions and other range checks we have scattered around to ensure that we're not holding on to some invalid AllocKind.
I went with IsValidAllocKind() for the common check of |< AllocKind::LIMIT|, and IsAllocKind() for the less common |<= AllocKind::LIMIT|. AllocKind::LIMIT is obviously a 'valid' AllocKind in some sense, but where we allow it at all, we use it to mean 'not allocated' or 'not initialized'. I put IsValidAllocKind() higher up in Heap.h so people will hopefully see it first and consider which variant they want.

As for the implementation, I chose to go with >= and <= everywhere for consistency, and added back the |>= AllocKind::FIRST| and |>= AllocKind::OBJECT0| parts. Now that the underlying type of AllocKind is |int| again, it makes sense to check for negative values.
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This only depends on bug 1146662 in that it touches the same code, and has to land after that bug.

I did change the assertions in SomeAllocKinds() a bit - checking |first| to make sure it isn't negative, and removing the |first <= limit| check since MakeEnumeratedRange already has an assertion for that.
Depends on: 1146662
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Replace manual AllocKind range checks with a few centralized functions.

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Very nice!
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Carrying forward r=terrence. The mass SM restyle meant this needed some rebasing.
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Replace manual AllocKind range checks with a few centralized functions.

The SM restyle got backed out.
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Thanks for landing the right one for me, Ryan!
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