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Create new newsgroup n.p.m.rhino


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Please create a new newsgroup and associated mailing list at
netscape.public.mozilla.rhino. The current use of netscape.public.mozilla.jseng
for both the SpiderMonkey and Rhino engines makes the newsgroup much less
useful for Rhino users.
Moving tickets to Ray.
Assignee: scbrown → daruszka
I have no objection - but be aware that it'll get a new name when the renaming
happens (if ever <sigh>). 

It's also a shame that we can't have a more obviously-understandable name for
it. But I can't think of one.

Markus is the news god.
Assignee: daruszka → mbaur
Is there anything additional I need to provide to get this done? Thanks.

maybe we could work on this together to find out what you still need to be able
to this kind of stuff on your own if you like?
Mass changing IC's ticket to reflect current situation., AOL employees:

If you want IC to look at issues reported in bugzilla, please open a Helpdesk
ticket and ask it to be routed to AOL R1 Server Operations. We currently have no
way to handle comprehensive problem resolution through bugzilla. This is not a
change in the way we are supporting - we are still supporting you on
the level as before. IC's support is based on Helpdesk ticket system - not
bugzilla which only few hard-core people are looking at. 

Also, projects are handled elsewhere - not in bugzilla. If you have projects you
need us to deliver please feel free to contact me directly.

Summa summarum: tickets -> Helpdesk
Project initiations ->

Assignee: mbaur → nobody
QA Contact: endico → justdave
Assignee: nobody → justdave
Component: Server Operations → Server Operations Projects
QA Contact: justdave → justin
Assignee: justdave → gerv
Component: Server Operations Projects → Newsgroups
QA Contact: justin → justdave
Resolving; we now have a new hierarchy which, we hope, takes into account all the current needs. If it doesn't, file a fresh bug.

Closed: 14 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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