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memory graph should illustrate growth better



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3 years ago
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memory double

It seems that the memory graph always looks "full"; the y axis is plotted from 0 to the memory high point, which does not highlight useful information. In this image, memory doubles from 2mb to 4mb, yet the graph is just a steady incline, when it should be more jarring. If I had a complex web app that goes from 300mb to 350mb, since the y-axis is 0 bound, it again would be a small slope.

If we render from the min to the max memory points, I think it'd illustrate growth and mem problems more clearly.
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chrome memory

For example, in Chrome, this memory usage graph is min 7mb, max 10mb, with a steeper incline. Looks like the bottom point of their y-axis is slightly lower than the min point.


3 years ago
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Because we poll very infrequently.
Couple of things we could do here:
1. have graph's lower bound be min memory (as you suggested in comment 0)
2. don't plot values linearly; squaring or cubing could show more dramatic slopes
3. plot allocation pressure (along with or instead of) of memory usage
Would be interested in seeing allocation pressure (I believe fitzgen had this in his memory panel mockup). Should be easy enough to prototype

Another thing that would help, I think, is tweaking the design/colors -- it's kind of crushed between two other graphs and it's difficult (for me) to contextualize the growth as all the timeline graphs blend together
Created bug 1148836 for allocations view for future discussion (screenshot, patch)
(In reply to Victor Porof [:vporof][:vp] from comment #3)
> 2. don't plot values linearly; squaring or cubing could show more dramatic
> slopes

I think that way you lose 90% of your audience. In my experience few people can understand non-linear plots without spending some effort to comprehend it. Linear graphs on the other hand are more natural to most people.


3 years ago
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3 years ago
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Since the styling changes, I'm happier with this. Closing, please reopen if you think this needs to be changed.
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