the reading list sidebar isn't very discoverable



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3 years ago
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3 years ago
the reading list sidebar isn't very discoverable.

currently the ui involves primarily a "+" button which has a tooltip of "Add page to Reading List".  clicking it only appears to toggle it to "-".

the problem i had initially was "ok, now what?".  i toggled it a few times, but unlike the bookmarking a page there wasn't a snazzy animation guiding you towards the "show your bookmarks" button.  there isn't even a toolbar button i can add to show the reading list.

i started hunting around the menus, and found it in the "sidebars" submenu -- my initial scan of menuitems was limited to top-level items.

i think that some feedback should be provided indicating what has happened beyond changing a "+" to a "-".
Are there other related bugs/plans to make the sidebar more discoverable?
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Indeed there are, bug 1133485 should open the sidebar on first use.  I'm wondering why you didn't see this happen since that fix should have landed in Aurora last week I believe.
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3 years ago
It did not happen for me on Nightly for Mac and/or for Linux.
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2 years ago
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