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Mulet Linux jobs are not run on try


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Not set


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This makes it so that people who spend a weekend fixing a patch series on the try server get bustage when they land code on inbound, and it also makes it impossible for them to even fix it since, well, they can't test things on try.
I think -p linux64-mulet will work if explicitly specified. The bug here I believe is that -p all isn't doing what it should for jobs that run on TC?
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Could a link be posted for a try push where this didn't work so we can investigate?

Here is one from this morning where "-p all" was used and I see the "Mulet Linux x64 opt" build completed (along with the associated mochitests) in TC.
Thanks Ryan.

Looks like the decision task to create those jobs failed:

We'll take a look at it.
Appears this is related to multi-line comments.  James filed Bug 1147705 for this.
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Depends on: 1147705
This caused a tree closure and the need for a followup landing for bug 1156456.
Can we please hide these jobs on m-c and integration branches until this is fixed?
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James, any idea what's up here?
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Back and looking...
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/r/7635 - Bug 1149156 - Add support for long form of try flags r=garndt

Pull down this commit:

hg pull -r 4353ca0e19dac2d33828756e2c8c7982fd295c2c
Attachment #8597458 - Flags: review?(garndt)
So the original issue here which Ehsan hit was previously fixed but we have another issue which is we are not respecting the long form of try flags which the above patch fixes...
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Ship It!
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