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Remove SSLv3 strings from SSL panel in Privacy & Security preferences


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1137991 +++

Bug 1106470 will be dropping support for SSLv3.  Once that happens, there's
little point in having the SSLv3 option in Privacy & Security->SSL panel.

(Quoting rsx11m from bug 1137991 comment #11)
> (Quoting to Masatoshi Kimura [:emk] from bug 1141394)
> > In bug 1106470, I intentionally left strings and idl constants
> > in case we have to backout the change on beta or aurora.
> > Once the SSLv3 removal reaches to release, we can cleanup them.
> Shall we proceed in the same way "just in case" that the SSL 3.0 strings are
> needed if and when it should be decided not to let the Core changes proceed
> down the release train? It sure would be trivial to defer removal of those
> two entities for 3+ cycles after the changes have hit the releases.

(Quoting rsx11m from bug 1137991 comment #12)
> Created attachment 8575034 [details] [diff] [review]
> String changes deferred (v4)
> Indeed, I think we should proceed in this way given that the core changes
> may depend on Google timing: 
> (Quoting David Keeler [:keeler] from bug 1106470 comment #4)
> > In general, looks good. I found more things to remove, however. Also, we
> > should keep a very close eye on this. If it doesn't look like SSL 3 is going
> > to be similarly removed from Chrome 44 or if that release date is not close
> > enough to the release date for Firefox 39 (looks like 30 June 2015), we
> > should hold this back at least one release.
Depends on: 1141394
Attached patch Patch removing obsolete strings (obsolete) — Splinter Review
(Quoting bug 1137991 comment #20)

Unless those backend changes get backed out from aurora or beta based on whatever is decided prior to bug 1141394 on the Firefox side, this should become effective with SeaMonkey 2.36, at which time I'll ask for review of the patch.
Depends on: 1141324
Attachment #8593430 - Attachment is obsolete: true
The core change removing SSLv3 support was allowed to land on Firefox 39.0 earlier this week.
Comment on attachment 8615678 [details] [diff] [review]
Unbitrotted for bug 1141324 (v2)

Core string changes have checked in, mozilla-central changeset 52885a6f8ad6 -
there was no follow-up I can see blocking bug 1141394.

Requesting review to remove those (now dead) strings from SeaMonkey.
Attachment #8615678 - Flags: review?(iann_bugzilla)
Attachment #8615678 - Flags: review?(iann_bugzilla) → review+
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