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The latest release of mig-agent adds two modules (ping and timedrift), a better way for agents to discover their public API that doesn't rely on STUN, improvements to netstat discovery on OSX, and a couple of security fixes (none of them are dangerous to the host).

The packages have been pushed to

Please merge, thanks!


Dustin J. Mitchell (3):
      [medium] Bug 104714: implement HasIPConnected on Darwin
      [minor] in netstat_darwin, use a global regexp rather than recompiling
      [minor] in netstat_darwin, return errors from parseEndpointString

Julien Vehent (22):
      [medium] replace agent stun with api call to find its public ip
      [minor] don't respawn agent in debug mode
      [minor] store agent running mode in heartbeat & db
      [doc] clarify symlink behavior in file module
      [minor] dependency location update for osext package
      [minor] remove unused dependency in env_darwin
      [minor] remove unused dependency in env_windows
      [minor/bug] fix infinite loop in arp results parsing for windows and darwin
      [major/bug] prevent socket stat from locking agent results publication
      [minor] use float64 instead of strings to store latencies in ping module
      [minor] in ping module, map founanything to reachable
      [medium] ping module improvements: structs, logic and doc
      [minor] add file & netstat params validation to client tools
      [medium] timedrift module, to check that systems use network time
      [doc] Add timedrift module documentation
      [minor] in timedrift module, return foundanything=true only when time has drifted
      [minor] fix params parser of timedrift module
      [minor] gofmt on netstat module
      [minor] sleep 100ms between ping attempts to prevent floods
      [minor] add proxy support to public ip querying from agent
      [minor] timedrift ntp check stops at first good response
      [minor] set timedrift success to false if no ntp server was reachable

Sushant Dinesh:
      [medium] ping module
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Please hold off on merging this patch, it's missing a config parameter.
Previous patches was missing a new config option used to detect the public IP of an endpoint.

New patch adds that config option, and also enables public ip discovery in checkin mode. It was disabled because it relied on slow and buggy STUN queries. Now it's just a GET to the MIG API, so it's fine to enable everywhere.
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