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Pictures matching the desktop resolution don't fit in in full screen mode


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Steps to reproduce:

Say your desktop resolution is 1920x1080 (FullHD).

Open any picture with the same dimensions and enable Full Screen Mode.

This bug affects Linux and Windows XP. I haven't tested any other OSes.

Actual results:

Firefox will show scroll bars for the picture or you'll have to resize it.

Expected results:

No scrollbars, no resizing.
Per bug 490621 comment 29, full screen mode leaves a 1px line at the top, and pointing at that line causes the toolbars to appear.
Component: Untriaged → General
Will this ever be resolved? It's 2018 but the bug is still there 61.0.2!

It's not severe, but annoying as hell, because it makes previewing a fullscreen wallpaper impossible (for example, is a nice source of wallpapers that automatically match your desktop resolution), because there are two modes of failure: 1) the image is either re-scaled to be 1px smaller, which ruins the original sharpness that is one of the factors to distinguish a mediocre wallpaper from good one, or 2) the image is shown at true 100% zoom level minus one row of pixels, but is partially obscured by the scrollbars!

Why can't it be displayed like it is in Chromium - just a 1:1 image covering the full screen, no scrollbars, no scaling?

It is annoying even more given that the bug is ancient and seems to be totally ignored by the developers (status UNCONFIRMED tells a lot..)

For the record: Windows 7 x64 (although the bug is x-platform).

Still unresolved in Mozilla Firefox 69.

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