Sticky toolbar or disclosable "drawer" for common MDN controls


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What problems would this solve?
This is a proposal of an idea that might help streamline use of MDN:

Currently, when you scroll down the page on MDN, you lose access to a number of important controls, including the edit and "gear" buttons, the language selector, the search box, and so forth.

I propose that as you scroll down, the top header turns into a not-too-tall toolbar containing the most useful of these buttons, menus, and tools. This would allow users to keep quick access to these features.

If the toolbar idea is unpopular, we could have a widget that appears at the top of the page as you scroll that, upon clicking, reveals these commands.

This would help alleviate a lot of frustration related to ease-of-access to key controls on MDN, especially the edit button and search box.

Who would use this?
Unclear. Some users hate these kinds of toolbars, others love them. I hate them when they're pointless, which they usually are, but this one would actually contain highly useful features, so I suspect it would be reasonably popular if done right.

What would users see?
A basic toolbar, not too tall, across the top of the browser window, containing a search box, gear menu, and edit button (possibly other things too, but those at least).

What would users do? What would happen as a result?
These buttons and such would work just like their normal counterparts, but would be available in situations where the normal ones are not, such as when scrolled halfway through a long document.

Is there anything else we should know?
I know there's been work done on a sticky edit button, which would partially address this issue, but this might be a better long-term answer.

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Mockup of what I'm trying to describe (but badly drawn)

Added a rough mockup.
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