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Change behaviour of copy/search/share popup




Firefox for Android
3 years ago
2 years ago


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3 years ago
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Not a bug - a request for change. I'm using Fx on a Nexus 7 with Android 5.

I saw a comment from :aaronmt in bug 1136135: "Do we even support Bookmarklets?" I don't know whether you intend to or not, but I use still use them quite a lot (zap colours, display cookies, show computed style...) partly because I can't use Greasemonkey.

Anyway, I wrote a bookmarklet called catquote for use on http://mudcat.org. It's on my page here:
(Anyone can try it as a guest - but make sure you tick 'preview' every time to avoid posting!)

As I note there, it doesn't fully work in Fx on Android. The main reason is that when I select text I get the Android 'copy/search/share' popup, which obscures. the address bar so I cant access my bookmarks. That wouldn't matter if I could dismiss the popup without unselecting the text, but I can't.

So my RFC is: can you place the popup so it doesn't obscure the address bar? Like on Chrome maybe, or so that you can pull it down. Or keep the text selected if only the tick is tapped.

If you did that I might hit a second problem: would tapping the address bar and moving to the bookmarks tab unselect the text? That seems to happen in Chrome, but I'm not sure - in Chrome I have to type the bookmark name which I shouldn't have to do in Fx.

Anyway, please be aware that some of us do use bookmarklets, and they mostly work!


3 years ago
OS: Linux → Android
Hardware: x86 → ARM

Comment 1

2 years ago
Since I raised this, the behaviour of Firefox for Android seems to have changed. I now think this should be a bug rather than an RFC. My bookmarklet, which half-worked before, now always fails.

If I select text, then press 'copy' on the 'copy/search/share' popup, then my bookmarklet code:
gives an IndexSizeError on the getRangeAt statement. Firefox has forgotten the selection.

What happened before was that it remembered the position of the selection after pressing 'copy' so that the bookmarklet generated the quotation, which is based on the selected text's container, even though the text itself was missing - I had to add it myself.

The best solution IMO is that pressing the tick on the popup should dismiss the popup and leave the text selected.
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