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Adjust new devtools theme colors and palette on wiki


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Once we land the new colors in 947242, we should make any necessary adjustments to the color palette also update the wiki at the same time
I have a suggestion in to update this color:

Light theme (Blue Grey) from #5f88b0 to #0072AB

Not stuck on the particular color we change to, but I think anything in that direction is an improvement.  See the screenshot:
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With the colors documented on MDN landing in the actual tools' CSS in bug 947242, and the performance graphs now utilizing the colors defined there, we get some weird results. While I prefer the new colors for the text and highlights in most tools, they seem a bit bold/dark when used in our performance renderings and graphs. See the two attachments.

Dark looks pretty good, IMO, but light has the bold/dark look to it. Would it make sense to have a new set of colors, one for text, one for highlights like this? For example, I'd like many of the light theme "highlight" colors to be brighter, but that'd make all the text using these colors pretty hard to read.

Some of these graphs are shipping soon in Fx40, so we'll have to figure out something soon!
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Adding new colors in bug 1164552 for performance graphs -- can change or add to wiki in the future, but this needs done for 40.1. Clearing ni?
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Stephen, can you take a quick look at and confirm that the suggested color change is good?
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(In reply to Brian Grinstead [:bgrins] from comment #7)
> Stephen, can you take a quick look at
> and confirm
> that the suggested color change is good?

Maybe a little close to the other blue, but it's definitely easier to read.
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We want to file a bug to address the color of the attributes since the new color is a bit close to the blue in the attributes. @shorlander was okay with the changes to land for now.
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